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Benefits of an Air Impact Wrench With Adjustable Torque

An air affect torque is considered as an exceptionally convenient instrument that is viewed as helpful in the fruition of various car works and home undertakings. This makes a solid hang on a specific thing that then offers a superior mechanical favorable position.

An effect torque's pounding activity can make a laborer's life much less demanding, particularly when relaxing any unyielding screw or nut. Be that as it may, the utilization of an air affect torque when you need to fix a clasp to the correct position again utilizing the correct torque can be somewhat hard to do.

The particular measure of drive that will be connected by the effect torque onto the latch will rely on upon the gaseous tension sum that is accessible. It's fortunate that there are currently a few producers which offer air affect torque flexible torque so as to make the occupation much less demanding on your part.

Air affect torque customizable torqueBefore you take in the advantages of utilizing an air affect torque with movable torque, to begin with, it will be best for you to know first how you can utilize the apparatus. For managing the line weight, you should turn the compressor on then let this keep running until it has come to the shutoff weight. Utilizing an air hose, connect your effect torque onto the compressor. Diminish the accessible working weight to the line through conforming the compressor's weight controller.
For controlling the apparatus weight, initially, join your effect torque on the device air controller before appending the air hose onto the instrument air controller. At that point, continue to changing the apparatus air controller keeping in mind the end goal to achieve the particular measure of torque that you require.
With the assistance of an air affect torque customizable torque, you can be guaranteed that you will have the capacity to apply only the appropriate measure of constrain that is required keeping in mind the end goal to ensure that your occupation will be done as impeccably and flawlessly as would be prudent.

Utilizing air affect torque that accompanies a flexible torque is exceptionally urgent particularly in those undertakings wherein fasteners and screws' snugness is very pivotal. This will permit you as the administrator to effectively quantify the torque that will be connected on the clasp for this to be coordinated with the details required in a specific application. This will allow the correct stacking and pressure of the considerable number of parts.
With torque being the commonsense method for estimation, utilizing an air affect torque movable torque is certainly an extraordinary help for your distinctive assignments. Click here to peruse surveys for the best air affect torques with flexible torque. You can check the best impact wrench 2017 for your job.

Band Saw Safety Guide

The Band noticed has a thin vertical blade that allows slicing curves, resawing, and massive depth cuts on thick material. To avoid accidents, the following operational protection rules have to be determined by using everybody running on the Band saw. Failure to comply with the safety regulations will bring about a lack of keep privileges.

Band saw safety rules:
  • Comply with the 3” rule from the blade; constantly maintain hands 3” from the blade.
  • Check the blade anxiety and monitoring before starting.
  • Don’t cut stock that is not flat on the lowest without a jig.
  • Hold a balanced stance on the band noticed.
  • Never clean small portions whilst the blade is transferring.
  • Never use your thumbs to push closer to the blade.
  • In no way back out of a curve cut while the machine is jogging.

Begin with a hazard assessment to make certain a safe paintings vicinity:
  • A  foot perimeter around the saw have to be saved clean of human beings, debris and sawdust that impair traction or footing to keep away from slips and falls.
  • Protection glasses with facet shields or a face protect ought to be worn. listening to safety ought to be worn.
  • Take away loose becoming clothing, rings, and tie lower back lengthy hair.
  • Four. supply the work your undivided interest.

Operational protection policies:
  • Method your work in the store and on the band noticed with a secure attitude!
  • The tooth of the band noticed blade need to factor down towards the table.
  • The blade have to be 1/32” from the rear roller bearing in the back of the blade.
  • The blade alignment tracking have to be on the center of the wheels.
  • Make certain that the top and decrease wheel guard doors are closed whilst going for walks.
  • Maintain the blade guard & guide only 1/4” above your inventory.
  • Preserve bystanders faraway from the right hand place of the noticed. damaged blades will be predisposed to fly out to the right.
  • Continually keep your arms and fingers faraway from the path of the blade.
  • To govern the inventory, use push sticks, feather boards, or another protection tool when cutting small or quick inventory.
  • Use a “V” block whilst reducing cylindrical inventory.
  • Cut at a slight feed charge into the blade. Do not force a cut.
  • Reduce relief cuts prior to slicing long or tight curves. the relief cuts will loose the blade of the tension of the tight curve and the timber will fall away. The blade size will dictate the radius of the cut.
  • If you want to back out of a reduce, shut the machine off, after blade stops, after which returned out.
  • If a blade breaks, shut the device off and stand clean until everything stops.
  • If the work is too big for one individual to deal with, get assist maintaining the inventory.
  • Whilst reducing with the table at an angle, clamp a block to the table to prevent your stock from slipping off the table.
  • Constantly disconnect the energy earlier than changing the blade or acting another protection operation.
  • Flip off the band saw and wait until involves a complete stop. never stick an item into the blade to prevent the gadget quicker. permit it prevent on its very own.
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All About Garden Tool Handles

All gardeners should regularly clean their hoes, rakes, spades, and other garden tools after each use. However, cleaning is never enough. Gardeners sometimes need to do extra maintenance such as treating rust spots. Another consideration gardeners need to keep in mind is the handles of their tools. Tool handles need just as much care and attention as the real tool. My tools How many times have you loaned a garden tool to a family member or friend, never to see it again?

Putting your initials on the handles of your garden tools will help guarantee their return. You do not need an expensive engraver or wood-burning kit, as you can use a permanent marker or fingernail polish. Paint your initials on the handle with the nail polish and using a match, light it before it dries. Repeat this particular process until you are satisfied that your initials are burnt in deep and dark.Wooden handles

Without proper care, over time, wooden handles will dry and split. A good way to prevent this is by applying a coat of boiled linseed oil at least once a year. This is a great winter chore. First, you need to make sure the handle is free of dirt by cleaning with a dry, stiff brush. Never use water. Remove any splinters and smooth rough spots with a medium-grit sandpaper. Bring the linseed oil to a boil and then remove from heat. Put on rubber gloves to protect your hands, and use a dry cloth to apply the oil to the wooden handle.

Where are my tools? Ever lay down a hand spade while in the garden and then you were not able to locate it later? Have you ever run a garden tool with the lawn mower? Try painting your tool handles with a bright neon color or red, yellow, or orange. These bright colors will make tools more noticeable among lush foliage.

Wrap your handle If you like your garden tool, but may be getting blisters on your hands from the handle, try wrapping it in adhesive sports tape. Many of these are filled with cushioning foam that will help absorb the shock if your spade or trowel hits something hard. Try to find some that are colored brightly and then there will be no need to paint them, as recommended above.

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Air Impact Wrench Vs Electric Impact Wrench

Each jack of all trades and technician deserving at least some respect realizes what a torque is and how flexible the apparatus can be. In any case, for the individuals who might be new to a torque, a torque is a typical apparatus wish is frequently used to give a manual hold to apply weight, and torque, to turn protests, for example, stray pieces. A torque may likewise be alluded to as a spanner or a monkey torque.

There are a various sorts and styles of wrenches accessible available including: open-end torques, box-end torques, flex-head torques, spanner torques, movable wrenches, air affect wrenches and electric effect torques. Affect torques have turned out to be all the more usually known to be utilized via car mechanics who require dismantle persistent darts keeping in mind the end goal to settle auto parts, change tires, or to evacuate motor parts no sweat.
Air Impact Wrench Vs Electric Impact WrenchHowever, while car mechanics certainly utilize affect torques all the time, affect wrenches are additionally reliably utilized by assembling plants, development specialists, and sequential construction systems. Despite what the circumstance might have the right effect torque is a basic part to have the capacity to complete the main job in a convenient, proficient way.
With such a variety of various wrenches accessible to the buyer it can be difficult to explore the market and discover the torque which is most suitable for the job needing to be done. This article investigates the air affect torque and the electric torque, addresses a portion of the advantages and disadvantages of every torque, and gives understanding into which torque is most appropriate to handle any undertaking.
Much sooner than the developments of the air and electrical worked wrenches, was the manual torque. While the manual torque can complete most occupations, it requires significantly more exertion, torque and even ability to utilize and work. With the innovation of the air and electrical worked torques individuals are presently ready to take out a great deal of work time and to fulfill significantly more with a solitary apparatus. Less demanding to handle, lighter in weight and more flexible, the air torque and electric effect torques have both altered how mechanics, developers and even housewives can handle occupations.

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Vital Characteristics WHEN Picking out The appropriate BLADE

And don't hold the steering of the skilled in circular saws, choosing the best blade may be somewhat tough, when you certainly are a newbie. There are actually different types of saw blades designed for various elements, varieties of reduce and for saws of various electric power.

So, among essentially the most crucial attributes when deciding on, is definitely the blade diameter and sort. You simply must make certain that it's appropriate with your circular saw product. You can check out best reciprocating saw in the market.

Here is a quick guideline which will assist you to locate the right blade:
Handheld saws take blades of a scaled-down diameter, usually four to seven inches;
a tile observed will require a diamond blade with 7-10 inch diameter; desk saws call for 10 or 12 blades and inches for table observed needs to be carbide-tipped;
saws for reducing steel ordinarily use 14-inches blade.

Yet another critical element may be the RPM (or rotation for every minute). By way of example, smaller sized blades have higher RPM while larger sized ones have lower RPM.

The encouraged RPM on the saw really should be reduce compared to the RPM proposed with the blade. Remember to note that the RPM on the saw won't straight indicate its slicing velocity, so the next RPM would not suggest you are going to minimize more rapidly.
The blade diameter will have an affect on the velocity for the reason that the chopping edge of the more substantial blade will likely be relocating quicker as compared to slicing edge of the lesser blade since it is covering a greater volume of distance within the very same time.

About the other side, don't hurry to select up a bigger blade, for the reason that you have to look at the desired good quality of minimize likewise. So, when you are looking for the appropriate RPM indicator be sure to consider the material you'll function on.
For this, you may need to calculate the SFM determine, which happens to be ‘Surface Ft per Minute’. The formula is as follows:

SFM = (diameter/12)*Õ*RPM
For wooden material you will typically need to have and SFM of about 5000 to 8000 whilst for metals it is going to be below a thousand.
Round noticed

Also, listen into the reduce line indicator whenever you are choosing a instrument. This is designed to enable you to see where by your blade goes whilst you're cutting. With out it, it'll be more difficult so that you can cut a straight line.

The slice indicator can usually be discovered about the baseplate and it appears like two modest notches. There are some conditions when you are won’t manage to see the slice indicator, nonetheless.

For this kind of instances a small window that displays you where the blade is could well be practical, so glimpse for it. If it feels practical, usually do not wait to grab the check out and power.

Up coming, take a seem for the baseplate. What material can it be designed from? In case you drop the noticed, Magnesium baseplates are tougher nevertheless they can crack. On the other hand, a baseplate built from aluminum could bend if you need to have the most when plastic baseplates are challenging and shock resistant.

Regardless of the material, the baseplate must be flat throughout its entire size and width and it should have a straight edge. Eventually, have a quick glance within the guard. The guards with sharp or rough edges may perhaps get caught on wood surfaces over the minimize and you'll have a really hard time lifting it up.
Circular Noticed Blade infographic
With regards to what you're heading to cut, you furthermore might will have to concentrate within the kind of blade. Several types of substance get the job done finest with several types of blades. As an example, you will find blades made to lower wood, acrylic and plasticacrylic and steel, and multi-materials. In this article can be a number of sorts that you may well need:
Rip minimize is cutting alongside the grain of wood; appropriately, the rip-cut blades are made to cut alongside the grain - these blades possess a lower variety of enamel specifically formed to chop aggressively;

The crosscut blade is for reducing over the grain and it has about forty to 80 tooth that are built to offer a clean slash;

Mixture blades are accustomed to make equally cross and rip cuts since they have teams of teeth separated by gullets.

Because the teeth accomplish the lower extra as opposed to disk alone, you have to brain their condition and quantity. This is often a different part from the blade which will impact your chopping function. The greater the quantity of tooth, the more precise the reduce might be. Also, the form of enamel defines the quality of your cut.

For instance, the alternate top rated bevel form is sweet for rapidly cuts of rough wood that arrive throughout or along the grain. Multi-material blades are excellent for cross lower and radial-arm blades have a very detrimental angle to prevent self-feeding. Check the more tools in at Tools Express

Making Use of a Circular Saw

You are going to probably utilize a circular saw additional than another instrument for deck creating. An observed using a 7-1/4-inch blade as well as a motor that attracts 10 to thirteen amps is powerful sufficient to chop easily by means of 2x stock, even in a 45-degree angle.

Most saws will occur outfitted using a blend blade for creating crosscuts and rip cuts. Exchange it using a carbide-tipped blend blade if yours incorporates a typical steel blade. Reasonably priced steel blades might be boring after about four hours of heavy cutting. A moderately priced carbide blade will very last quite a long time and make cleaner cuts all over its everyday living.

You can accomplish a lot of the cuts (especially framing cuts) freehand, but for additional precision assistance the workpiece solidly and utilize jigs or guides for cuts. Supporting the board will lessen dangerous kickback and splintering together the bottom confront as the waste falls absent. For all cuts, start out the noticed off the minimize and press the blade into your board by using a steady ahead movement. Check the best cordless hammer drill in the market.

Safety Initial

Reducing lumber, particularly pressure-treated inventory, requires security. Protect your eyes from traveling chips and sawdust with protection glasses. In case you are delicate to pressure-treated lumber, utilize a facemask. When creating recurrent cuts, don ear protectors.

Guard you against kickback, way too. In the event the enamel about the rear of the round observed blade capture or the blade binds from the kerf, the saw can chill out of its reduce line, be ruining the endangering and slash the carpenter.

Below are a few solutions to stay away from kickback:

You should not attempt to alter directions mid cut. If your noticed veers off the slice line, prevent reducing, back again up, and begin again. Never operate the saw as you back it up that also leads to kick back.

Keep your blades clear and sharp. In case you must force tough to come up with a reduce, odds of kickback multiply.

Keep your blades clear and sharp. Should you have to push tough to generate a reduce, probabilities of kickback multiply.

Often a knotted or twisted board, or one with twisted grain, can get the blade suddenly. Be well prepared for this.

Work the noticed securely. Never ever wear free sleeves or other clothing that can get caught in the blade while you lower. Never bring your face close to your blade as you minimize. Retain the power twine apparent of your blade.
Chopping freehand

Rest the edge on the board with a sound floor and tilt it up thirty to 45 levels, maintaining the saw manual or maybe the blade noticeable. Line up the blade together with your minimize line, begin the saw, and let gravity pull it down the line. Continue to keep the noticed plate flat to the stock while you slash.

Crosscutting having an information

Clamp a structure SQ. with its heel plate versus the sting of the board, positioned to put the observed blade just about the squander facet of your reduce. Most noticed plates are marked with all the distance through the edge towards the blade. Place the observed plate flat about the board, commence the observed, and press it ahead.
Chopping miters

Clamp a structure SQ. into the board as a guidebook. Before beginning, (Experiment to seek out the right length clear of the lower line.) Retract the blade guard. The saw could perform hard in a very miter slash -- you should not press too hard. When you come up with an oversight, slash the miter before you cut the board to length so you can recut.
Rip reducing

To create a rip lower, healthy the observed that has a rip tutorial. In the event, the cut is just not parallel to the edge of a board, both cut it freehand or clamp a long straightedge like a guideline. Don't pressure the saw far away from the to reduce -- the rip guide could flex with it.

Bevel cuts are likely to make the observed work more challenging, so clamp the board firmly to some do the job floor applying a manual established and so the blade will slash alongside the squander side in the line. Set the bevel gauge into the suitable angle and test it using a protractor. Get started the noticed and ease it to the lower having a sluggish but consistent velocity.

Reducing lengthy inventory Cutting long stock with circular saw Enlarge Image
Support the board, therefore, the noticed won't bind or sit back and to maintain the board from splintering as being the waste falls away. Support the board in 4 destinations when the squander side is for a longer period than 2 toes. Like that, both of those sides on the slice will continue to be put and you also might make a straight, neat slice.

Cutting thick inventory

Mark the lower on a person side of your piece and transfer the mark to your adjoining sides with a qs. The situation the noticed on the squander facet with the line and against a structured square. Push the observed by means of the slice from one finish into the other. Switch the stock and lower each individual adjacent side.

Transfer the minimize line to 2 adjacent sides, and retaining both equally traces seen, position a reciprocating noticed along with the saw shoe against the stock. Maintain the blade according to the waste side of the minimize and from the wooden. Commence the saw, and rock it again and forth through the lines.

Squaring the blade

Will not have faith in the bevel guideline on the circular saw; it could be off by a number of degrees, generating nonsquare cuts. Check out the blade angle by using a square, and modify the plate right until it truly is ninety degrees to your blade. Unplug the observed whenever you change the observed.

Changing a blade

Unplug the retract and observed the blade guard. Established the teeth on the blade firmly right into a bit of scrap or even the leading of one's outside the house perform area. Be sure the board would not go. Clear away the tilt and bolt the blade out. Reverse the course of action to put in the blade.

Location the slicing depth

Established the blade to extend not more than 1/4 inch through the thickness of the stock. Launch the observed plate latch to situation the plate to the suitable depth.
Excellent facet down

A circular saw blade exits the lower upward and can splinter the highest with the board. The place physical appearance matters, minimize with all the excellent facet with the board down.

Which Happens To Be The Most Effective Circular Saw Blade for Many Initiatives

I system to complete an undertaking that requires power saws, though the blades are outdated. I have no idea the quantity of tooth the noticed blades ought to have, although i went to get new kinds. Would be the types with a lot more tooth much better? - Abbey T. 

Pricey Abbey: Individuals typically feel there are just some distinct power saw blades depending on the type of electricity noticed that works by using them. There really are numerous various saw blades which can be employed in each kind of saw. You most likely recognized a tremendous choice of costs from about $20 to as much as $100 for comparable on the lookout observed blades.

You can find variances inside the tooth types of varied blades, which does have an impact on their features, even so the key thing to consider when purchasing a new noticed blade would be the variety of enamel. It's not necessarily improved, while in general, a blade with additional teeth will value extra to get. You can likely wind up needing a number of various blades to go over all of the project's cutting duties.

Even though you have a lot of time, you many not choose to use a high-tooth-count blade. The slower reducing outcomes in additional warmth buildup, so employing this kind of blade when it is actually not wanted may result in burning the wood edges. When building fine-quality home furniture and cabinetry, this can spoil the bit of wooden.

The least variety of tooth you'll discover on a circular saw blade is about 14. A round noticed blade is simply 7-1/4 inches in diameter. Fourteen enamel are ideal for the rough cuts on 2x4 framing lumber, plus they reduce very fast. For those who would try to utilize such a noticed blade to cut slender substance, it would damage the wooden. It could also generate an unacceptable slash on plywood. You can check out best metal chop saw in the market.

A 24-tooth blade can be an excellent compromise for a lot of slicing work, and it is the most typical blade equipped with new round saws. It is actually, nevertheless, however viewed as a reasonably lower quantity of observed enamel. You might obtain this blade creates a reasonably sleek rip slash (as well as the grain with the wood), even so the crosscut (throughout the grain) is going to be pretty tough.

Should you are setting up to do any reducing of plywood or plastics in your tasks, pick out a blade with forty or maybe more tooth to minimize the level of tear out about the wooden surface. This blade also creates a reasonably good crosscut on strong lumber. For slicing high-quality veneered plywood and many plastics, make use of a blade with 60 or 80 enamel.

When fitting joints jointly, you are going to make use of a miter or cutoff noticed. This really is ordinarily a larger diameter blade with far more enamel. The vast majority of cutting done on this kind of noticed is crosscutting, so a blade with no less than eighty enamel is sensible for clean up edges.

How to Use a Circular Saw for Long Cuts

Whether or not your woodworking is limited to an occasional weekend project, you’ll sooner or later need to reduce a slim piece from an extensive board or sheet of plywood. Sawing long boards is easy if you own a table saw. However, you may also get it done correctly with a very good round observed. In fact, it is typically easier to chop long pieces of plywood that has a round saw and a straightedge than to wrestle unwieldy sheets through a desk saw.

A circular saw won’t cut as smoothly as a table saw, but with a couple of techniques, a little finesse, and some practice, you can cut almost as accurately. Seem farfetched? Not really-pros get it done all of the time. We’ll demonstrate you ways to work with a circular saw to quickly and accurately cut extensive plywood and boards, and give you ideas for the helpful cutting tutorial attachment to your saw.

Observed Boards Freehand

Nail down the board and use your finger as a guide carefully: This is a quick way to cut a few 2- to 4-in. strips, but if you have to cut narrow strips often, build the jig shown on p. 32. For this method, you have to nail the board straight on the sawhorses with finish nails. Use 4d finish nails for 3/4-in. thick wooden and 8d complete nails for 1-1/2 in. boards. Then mark the board and minimize it to width. This technique success in a very board of reliable width and parallel sides irrespective of whether the board you are cutting from is straight or crooked. Mark the board with a straightedge or chalk line instead, if you want to create a straight edge on a crooked board.

How You Can Make Use of a Round Saw

The best way to use a circular observed. Place your hand on the broad segment of your noticed shoe, not to the slender side close to the blade, and grip the shoe using your forefinger and thumb. Your forefinger functions as a guideline. As you cut, direct pressure straight ahead through the handle of the saw, and concentrate on the line. If the saw starts to wander from the line, back up to about 6 in. behind where you first strayed from the line and start again. 

Before you squeeze the switch to restart the cut, make sure the saw blade is perfectly aligned in the kerf and maintain a firm grip in case the blade catches and jerks the saw. Very good follow-through may be the solution to an accurate finish. If the line continued, guide the saw beyond the end of the board as. You can choose the best scroll saw for your woodworking services.

Slice Plywood Which has a Straight Edge Guide

Clamp a straightedge into a scrap of lumber. Then maintain the shoe on the saw tight into the straightedge when you noticed a kerf within the scrap. record and Measure the exact distance among the straightedge along with the inside of edge of the noticed kerf.

How to Use a Circular Observed

Measure and mark the specified width in the slash board. Then utilize the measurement received in Image one to produce a 2nd established of marks for the straightedge over the “keeper” facet on the 1st marks. Align the straightedge with all the second established of marks and clamp it restricted.

Tips on How to Make Use of a Circular Noticed

Slide the saw’s shoe towards the straightedge to rip the plywood. To be sure a straight reduce, press the noticed firmly from the straightedge while you thrust it along.

How You Can Make Use of a Circular Saw

Whenever you start a slice, hardly nick the plywood while using the blade to make certain the blade just touches the outside edge of the slicing mark. If necessary, then reclamp it, move both ends of the straightedge slightly to adjust the cut. In the commencing of the slash, press the entrance from the observed shoe in opposition to the straightedge. At the end of the minimize, retain the back on the shoe limited right until the slice is comprehensive.

Stick to move by action above, it's going to be simple for yourself to work with a round noticed for plywood chopping.

Building a Ripping Manual

A jig for narrow strips: You can build the guide shown in Fig if you don’t own a table saw. A and connect it to your round noticed. It can help you to slice slender strips (1/2 in. to 6 in. wide) with in the vicinity of table-saw precision. You could possibly really need to modify it to fit your saw’s shoe. It takes about one hour to make.

The Way to Make Use of a Round Observed

Reduce the plywood base and pieces cautiously to be certain they have parallel square and sides corners. Make the slots and also the gap for the blade and blade guard by to start with drilling 3/8-in. holes within the corners and then reducing amongst them with a jigsaw. Set the base above the fence and align one particular extensive edge.

Then snug the rails nearly the perimeters with the base and screw them on the fence with 7/8-in. screws. The finished fence assembly needs to in good shape snugly and slide very easily. Hook up the fence on the foundation with carriage bolts and connect the observed shoe towards the foundation with smaller screws. Drill 5/32-in. holes inside your noticed shoe and attach the guidebook with 5/8-in. screws. For more tools visit here

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How To Choose A Miter Saw

A compound miter saw, such as the Makita LS1016L, can provide you with an ability to make accurate, compound angle cuts on the edge of almost any stock. A compound saw is similar to a circular saw that has been placed on the end of a lever. The compound saw is versatile because it is able to angle and bevel the saw before cutting into stock accurately. Click Here to see more saw.

There are several features that you should be looking at when choosing a miter saw: The Miter Gauge:

You can angle a compound miter saw, such as the Makita LS1016L, up to 45 degrees to left and the right. A clearly marked miter gauge will be found on all quality miter saws and should have hard stops at 0, 15, 22.5, 30 and 45 degrees to the left and the right. You should always have the ability to lock the saw to any particular miter angle you need. The Bevel:

Capacity to tilt the saw and ability to adjust the miter angle is where the term “compound” comes from. Some saws will only bevel in one direction while others will bevel 45 degrees to both directions. This is useful when one needs to cut two angles in the same cut. This also makes it much easier when you wish to install a crown molding.

You always look for a miter saw that can bevel to the left and right

There are 8”,10” and 12” blade size compound miter saw models. Usually the 10” model is the one which most people find adequate. The 8” blade size is often too small to cut larger stock. On the other hand, 12” model can be a bit too expensive for most. However, if you can afford it you should invest in a 12” compound saw. Sliding Compound Miter Saws:

Some saws have the ability, due to an additional slide feature, to push or pull the blade through the stock, allowing you to cut mush larger material.  This gives the saw the feel of a radial-arm. Although this a great feature, it does add considerably to the price point. Additional Features:

Laser light guides can be found on sure saw that will show exactly where the blade will cut. This feature gives the ability to mark the spot for the cut, adjust the miter and bevel, place the wood firmly in the saw, line up the mark with laser line and cut. You should try to get a miter saw with a laser guide.